All our skirts and dresses are made by us here in Hampshire to ensure that we have complete control over the quality of construction. We ONLY use 100 percent cotton fabrics for our circular skirts and dresses. We don’t use inferior poly-cottons.

 All our skirts have Bonadex professional waistband elastic encased within skirt fabric.

 We don’t simply sew elastic to the top of the skirt and call it a waistband!


 We use rolled hems, professionally bound using special hemming thread in matching or contrasting colour.

 We don’t fold and stitch hems as this can be bulky and may not lay flat!

 All our skirt and dress seams are professionally overlocked using appropriate coloured thread, proudly displaying our Wagtails Dancewear label.

 Many manufacturers economise by having a centre back seam as well as side seams. All our skirts only have side seams, (except 12 panel).

 We don’t simply use the same colour or type of thread for everything!

 All our dresses have quality branded concealed zips.

 All our halter dresses have bones with fused ends covered in fabric to ensure that they never protrude through the dress fabric.

 We don’t make in bulk – Many of our dresses are limited editions!

This photo shows the back view of the bodice of one of our lined halter dresses showing the neatly concealed zip.

 All our children’s skirts are made to the same high standard as our adult range.

To keep our prices down, we don’t guarantee to always match patterns in fabrics and we don’t offer a made to measure dressmaking service.