How Wagtails started

Wagtails Dancewear began in 2007 in response to the many enquiries at Rock’n’Roll gigs asking Linda and Steve where they got their outfits. Although the business has grown considerably since then, it remained a small, family run organisation proud to deliver a friendly and efficient service.

The business was handed on to Dorothy and Iain in October 2014 and continues to be run in the same manner. Linda and Steve remain connected to the business providing help and advice.


Wagtails owners Dorothy & Iain
Wagtails owners Dorothy & Iain

Dorothy & Iain

When you shop with Wagtails, your order will be handled by us, Dorothy and Iain. We are still learning all the time about the world of Rock’n’Roll, but have made good progress with our education and with the continuing support of Linda and Steve we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our stock. All of our stock and designs have been taken over unchanged and future designs will have plenty of input from the previous owners.

Dorothy has a degree in textiles design and has in the past made wedding dresses and bespoke children’s applique clothing. The exceptional quality and attention to detail in Wagtails products will hence remain unchanged.

To ensure the best possible quality, all our dresses, skirts and neckerchiefs plus some of the belts and taffeta petticoats are made by Wagtails in Hampshire. Although this limits the volume of products we can produce, it does make the Wagtails Dancewear label more exclusive!

We know you love Rock’n’Roll, 1950s music and the wonderful styles of the era and know wearing the right clothes helps complete the fabulous 50s experience.