50mm Fixed Elastic Belt
50mm Fixed Elastic Belt

These 2 inch wide elastic belts are made from superb quality British made, non-roll nurses belt elastic.
Sizes 26 to 28 inch (66cm to 71cm), 28 to 30 inch (71cm to 76cm), 30 to 32 inch (76cm to 81cm),
32 to 34 inch (81cm to 86cm) and 34 to 36 inch (86cm to 91cm).

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Childrens Belts
Childrens 38mm Elastic Belt

These 1.5 inch (38mm) belts are the perfect scaled down size for girls or petite ladies skirts. Made from excellent quality British elastic, they will not roll over when worn like cheaper alternatives.
These belts are available in three sizes 20.5 to 23 inch (52cm to 58.5cm), 23 to 27 inch (58.5cm to 68.5cm)
and 27 to 30 inch (68.5cm to 76cm).

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